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Gabriel Macadangdang

When I first joined BNI, I was a 25 year old entrepreneur who had never joined any other business organization. So when I was invited one morning to a BNI coffee session, I was instantly hooked. I could see the potential of business growth, the chance to network and to learn from other established successful business owners.
Forward that to 2018, and I am now a 2 year BNI member that has closed almost PHP23 million worth of business from BNI referrals alone. I enjoy not only consistent business growth but also a lot of personal growth as well. BNI has benefited me so much that I have decided to be more deeply involved. I started by being a BNI ambassador and progressed to now being the Executive Director of The BNI Las Piñas region. Thank You BNI! Thank you for changing my life and letting me develop my passion for helping other business owners in my community grow their business!

Gabriel Macadangdang

Executive Director - BNI Las Piñas Region


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